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Record GCSE Results

Bohunt’s record GCSE results buck the national trends

and surpass last year’s accolades


Students, staff, parents and governors of BohuntSchool, the TES ‘Overall School of the Year’, are today celebrating anothertruly outstanding set of examination results. The percentage of Year Elevencandidates achieving five or more GCSE passes at grade C or above, includingEnglish and Maths, was Bohunt’s highest ever at 87%. Last year Bohunt’sresults placed put it as one of the top state schools in the country and thisyear, as national results in this Gold Star measure tumble, Bohunt has achievedsignificantly higher!

Bohunt’s results are a long way ahead of thenational picture. The BBC is reporting that the proportion of studentsreceiving a C or above in English has dropped to 61%, whereas Bohunt’sincreased to 96%. Bohunt’s Maths results are 90% compared to a national figureof 62%. Furthermore, more than a third of the grades received by Bohunt studentswere A* or A grades.

Following 2013, when Bohunt were rated‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, was always going to be difficult. However, beingcrowned ‘Overall School of the Year’ at the TES Awards, a hugely successfulHimalaya expedition and awards that range from IBM’s Blue Fusion competition toHSBC’s Mandarin speaking awards mean that 2014 is even better. Bohunt’s resultsplace them as the best non-selective school in Hampshire and, probably, one ofthe top 20 non-selective state schools nationally.

There were some truly exceptional individualperformances; the top ten performers were:

  1. Ben Whitlock:  9 A*s, 2 As and Additional Maths at A grade
  2. Alex Pirie:  10A*s, 1B and Additional Maths at A grade
  3. Jonny Ainslie:  8A*s, 3 As and Additional Maths at B grade
  4. Chris Oram:  8 A*s, 3 As, 1B and Additional Maths at A grade
  5. Fern Bamber:  8 A*s, 3 As
  6. Hannah Kitchen:  7 A*s, 3 As
  7. Bob Dabson:  7 A*s, 4 As, 1 B and Additional Maths at A grade
  8. Meg White:  7 A*s, 3 As, 1
    Livvy Brooks:  6 A*, 5 As
    Amy Bleakley: 6 A*, 5 As

Headteacher, Neil Strowger, said:

“Weare all immensely proud of these record results which reflect the hard work,effort and talent of our learners. I am terrifically proud to recognisealongside these laudable achievements, the high quality support our learnersreceive from governors, parents and an enthusiastic staff.  We at Bohunt attach great importance to allour learners achieving and enjoying success. Our students who followedvocational pathways, both at school and college, also enjoyed a record performancewith a 100% pass rate and most grades at merit and distinction levels. Lifeisn’t all about examination grades, but such results indubitably give Bohuntstudents great life chances.”