Bohunt School Hosts Stunning Festival of Learning Open Evening

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Bohunt School in Liphook opened its doors to students, prospective students and families on Thursday 21st September, to host its very own Festival of Learning Open Evening.

The school, which is part of the Bohunt Education Trust (BET), welcomed huge numbers of prospective students and parents to its unique Open Evening, which saw a whole array of activities, performances, demonstrations and competitions take place for all to enjoy and discover a piece of life at Bohunt School.

The Maths Fun Fair hosted a variety of skill, physical and mental challenges, ready to test the guests’ mathematical ability. Those who successfully completed the task won a prize in Bohunt School’s unique version of the Crystal Dome. The science department was equally brimming with ‘hands on’ practicals and exciting activities, including an explosive demonstration and making rainbows. Sky TV’s Brianiac’s presenter, Jon Tickle, was also on hand to help with the science experiments.

The Bohunt History Department gave visitors the opportunity to step back in time and visit Britain in the Blitz, experiencing what an air raid shelter felt like, and tasting a biscuit made from rationed food. In Philosophy, Ethics and Religion, prospective students were invited on a journey of discovery, through the rich and diverse philosophical and religious traditions of India, with an extraordinary recreation of a Buddhist shrine.

In the drama studios, spectators enjoyed a special performance of Will Russell’s play, Blood Brothers, provided by the schools budding drama students. In music, visitors enjoyed live performances from the GCSE music students, and in dance, students performed a variety of pieces which including lyrical, contemporary, street and commercial style. 

As part of the evening, there was also a Model United Nations, with students representing different countries in a mock UN conference, attempting to get their resolutions passed through a mixture of diplomacy, oratory and political guide.

Both Bohunt School and BET are leading the way in championing Outdoor Education, and the school has an extensive Outdoor programme aimed at developing students’ confidence, resilience and teamwork through adventurous activities. The stepped programme features everything from Activity Camps in the UK and the Duke of Edinburgh Award, through to major expeditions abroad, including to Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan. To showcase the schools’ speciality in the outdoors, an expedition style camp was set up, complete with a fire camp, for prospective students to get a taste of adventure at Bohunt.

In her speech at the presentation, Bohunt’s Head Girl, Jess Williams praised outdoor education as a highlight of her time at the school, stating:

“I was lucky enough to visit Greenland on a 3 week expedition this summer – trekking and camping on a glacier in the Schweizerland Alps. It was, honestly, the trip of a lifetime. I had to raise £3500 to fund the trip – which in itself was a monumental achievement. If Bohunt hadn’t introduced the Big Expedition, I doubt I would have never done anything as incredible as that!”

As part of the evening, a special presentation was also given by Headteacher, Mr Neil Strowger and Associate Headteacher, Mr Philip Avery, before a number of inspiring speeches from new starters in Year 7, including Hope Yeghnazar, Oliver Fewings and Oliver Bott. Hope commented:

“All my teachers are amazing. They have pushed me, they are fun and they are creative. I can’t think of one lesson that I don’t enjoy!”

Oliver Fewings spoke about the opportunities he has had since joining Bohunt School, saying:

“I love all the opportunities we have. For example, I’m in the CLIL Mandarin immersion programme. It’s so much fun and I hope that it will open so many doors for me in the future.”

The Student Leadership Group also spoke, including Jess Williams, Jess Buckingham, Jack Maynard and James Justesen, also gave some special words.

Neil Strowger, Headteacher of Bohunt School, said:

“This year’s Open Evening was absolutely brilliant, with inspiring speeches from so many of our students, and countless activities, demonstrations and performances which not only highlighted the effort and passion of both our teachers and students, but the endless opportunities available at Bohunt School – from STEM subjects to music, drama and our excellent Outdoor Programme. We were delighted to welcome so many visitors to the School and to hear, for the first time on stage, from young people experiencing their first few weeks of life at Bohunt School. This event is always a major highlight of our year and the dedication and commitment of staff and the enjoyment of our students and visitors is wonderful to see.”