Bohunt School’s World Book Day 2018 Monster of a Party!


With 2018 as the bi-centenary of Mary Shelley’s groundbreaking novel ‘Frankenstein’, Bohunt Library had a monstrous makeover last Thursday in recognition of World Book Day.

Frankenstein’s Laboratory was installed in the non-fiction section, replete with bones and 19th century-style pickled specimens, interspersed with an array of topical reference books!DSC_0269

In the Fiction section, the Graveyard Trail featured an imposing coffin and creepy headstones which bore answers to a fun Quiz about ‘Frankenstein’ and related historical events.  Students were also invited to Design a Gothic Bookmark and participate in the World Book Day Literary Quiz.

As a fitting finale to the fortnight of festivities, there was a Book Character Convention for staff and student with Spot prizes, certificates and ERAs awarded for outstanding costumes.

Comments from students:

  • ‘I never knew how young Mary Shelley was when she wrote Frankenstein.’
  • ‘Given that it was 1818, I was surprised that Mary Shelley was on holiday in Geneva, Switzerland’
  • ‘The Graveyard trail was full of interesting facts and a fun layout.’