Outdoor Education – Information and Updates( 26 April 2017)


Parent/Student Information Meetings – (Information update 26 April 2017)

Further to information previously supplied  we need to change the forthcoming Year 8 Camp, Year 9 Bushcraft, and Year 10 Bronze DofE Information Meetings  for Parents and Students.

Attendance is reccommended although a copy of presentations wil be posted on the Outdoor Education webpage following each meeting.

Revised dates and venues are now as follows:


Monday 8 May 2017

Year 8 Camp – Information Meeting ( 6-6.40pm)

Year 9 Bushcraft – Information Meeting   (7-7.40pm)

In Sports  Hall 1


Tuesday 9 May 2017

DofE Bronze Expedition 1 – Information Meeting ( 6-6.40pm)

DofE Bronze Expedition 2  – Information Evening ( 7-7.40pm)


Dates of DofE Bronze Events: 

DofE Bronze Expedition 1

  • For Teams a, f, h, i, j, n, o, q, r, w, x, y, z, aa, bb, dd, who will participate on the following:
     DofECompression Training  Day on Fri 19 May 2017 – (13:45-16:30 pm)
     DofE Bronze Practice Expedition 1 on Saturday 10/Sunday 11 June 2017.
     DofE Qualifying Expedition 1 on Friday 8/Saturday 9 September 2017.

DofE Bronze Expedition 2

  • For Teams, b, c, d, e, g, k, l, m, p, s, t, u, v, cc, ee, ff, who will participate on the following 
     DofE Compression Training  Day on and Fri 26 May –  (13:45-16:30pm)
     DofE Bronze Practice Expedition 2 on Thu 22/ Fri 23 June 2017.
     DofE Qualifying Expedition 2 on Sat 16/Sun 17 September 2017.


DofE Bronze Training Tasks and Reminders

Information of the Outdoor Education Webpage:

Students have been tasked to  scroll down to the DofE Specific Information Area and study the information provided in the “Kit and Equipment ” and “Cooking and Expedition Food” sections ahead of further training after the Easter break.

Students are reminder that they have deadlines to complete their Practice and Qualifying Expedition, Maps and Route Cards.


DofE Silver Information

We are urgently  chasing Loaned Kit Returns

Congratulations to DofE Silver participants involved in the Practice Expedition.

Students who still have loaned  kit, such as rucksacks,  please return it, promptly .


Thank you

Best wishes, 

Bohunt Outdoor Education