The Science of Flying and Aerodynamics

photo 1

Yesterday a group of year 9 students had the chance to participate in a workshop about the Science of flying and Aerodynamics. They also experienced indoor Sky Diving, organised by the ifly in Basingstoke. The students selected were nominated by their Science teachers according to their effort and performance in Science. This was a great opportunity for our students to incorporate real world connections into a lesson and helped our students understand why what they’re learning at is useful beyond school and university. photo 3

Helena Jarvis in year 9 said, ‘It was great fun and we enjoyed learning about aerodynamics by experience sky diving. Overall it was a fantastic day that we will never forget’.

Stratianna Davi, Head of STEAM said ‘At Bohunt School we enjoy using this approach, and do it where possible, to increase engagement in the learning process. Students gain valuable insights into real life applications of the skills they’re being taught’.

photo 2