Business & Economics

When they leave here, every student will go on to work for an organisation, or set up their own business. Our aim is to enthuse them about the business world, and equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in the future. Using up-to-date case studies and relevant news stories, we look at theory ranging from marketing to production to governmental policies and everything in between.



Although we don’t teach Business and Economics atKS3, students have opportunities to get involved in enterprise projects during focus days and in extra-curricular clubs.

At KS4, students have a choice. In GCSE Business, they learn how the business world works, and its relevance to almost every aspect of modern society – including the practicalities of starting and running their own business. GCSE Economics is the study of government policy, competition and the law of demand, and encourages critical thinking and reasoning. It teaches students to create balanced arguments concerning some of the most important decisions in the world today, and the impact of individual choices on society as a whole.

We also offer BTEC Level 2 in Business, giving students a more hands-on option, with units on Branding, Sales, Enterprise and Employment.

All Business & Economics students have opportunities to visit businesses and hear from local entrepreneurs: in the past two years we have been to the Coca Cola factory in Sidcup, Kent and the Sky Studios in Hounslow.