100% attendance for Student with no missed school days

Sam Swan 12 years no miss!

Sam, a Year 11 student at Bohunt, has been awarded special recognition by Head of School Mr Pittaway today, as he has never missed a day of school during all of his 12 years in education.

In honour of Sam’s approach to learning and in recognition of this achievement, Bohunt has awarded Sam by making him one of our ‘Game Changers’.  These recognise students who set themselves apart from their cohorts by showing determination, perseverance and resilience, or who achieve a personal best, who have contributed towards school life in a significant way and students who succeed outside of school in an area of extra-curricular activity that reflect the ethos of the school.

Whilst recognition of students who excel in academic or non-academic subjects is credible, we also recognise students who may have had unavoidable absences or who attend school during difficult periods of time.

Head of School Neil Pittaway said, “This is truly an incredible achievement and one that should be recognised and marked. Sam has achieved full attendance for his whole time at secondary school and 12 years without a day off is impressive! I think this is worth celebrating and perfectly represents how the school’s hardworking students are ready to succeed with any challenges life may give them in the future”.


sam swan recognition