Parents of Year 7 students join ‘School at Work’ Taster Mornings

Dance Workshop - cropped

Last week Bohunt School opened its doors to parents and carers of Year 7 students for three consecutive taster mornings, giving them the opportunity to meet senior members of staff and experience a morning of activities.

Teachers from the faculties of Expressive Arts, English and Science were keen to welcome parents into their lessons and also organised a few ‘taster’ classes for parents to help them understand what the transition to secondary school had been like for their children new to the school. In addition, parents were given the chance to participate in a science activity morning and watch a modern dance performance, both set to James Bond theme tunes!

Year 7 parents

Neil Strowger, Headteacher at Bohunt School said,

“We understand that smoothing the transition between primary and secondary education is fundamental to the way students at Bohunt perceive their first term. Our staff know that a happy, contented student is one that is ready to learn. These taster days were designed to encourage a supportive partnership between school and home, by giving parents the opportunity to experience first-hand what their children experience at school.”