Bohunt Alumnus Christopher strikes out across America on the Appalachian Trail

Chris rees jacobs - Devils Punchbowl

Ex-Bohunt student Christopher-Rees Jacobs is soon to embark on a journey of a lifetime. On April 10 Christopher will fly to Toronto and then on to Carolina, which marks the start of his solo adventure on foot along the 2,200 mile Appalachian Trail in North America.

Chris left Bohunt in 2011, a keen explorer and member of the school’s inaugural ‘Big Expedition’, which was to Greenland. Whilst in Greenland, Chris and his team completed scientific research for CERN on background radiation levels in the Arctic.

Now, having graduated from University, Chris is keen to indulge his love of hiking. The Appalachian Trail is only ever completed by 1 in 5 people who attempt it due to the gruelling journey that stretches along the east coast of North America and across one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. The trail is the longest hiking-only footpath in the world, stretching all the way from Georgia to Maine.

Chris aims to complete the trail within 4 – 7 months, with anything under 6 months being beyond his expectation.  Chris has been learning the ways of ultralight backpacking; he will walk the trail with nothing more than a few belongings in his trusted backpack, roll mat, sleeping bag and sturdy pair of hiking boots.

Chris is expecting the walk to go smoothly and hopes that his excitement and enthusiasm doesn’t wain as he nears the finish line in early Autumn. Due to the distances involved he will likely only pass through a town once or twice a week, but at least this will give Chris the chance to stock up on food, meet the locals, or even find a hiking buddy for each new section of his route.

Appalachian map
Chris said, “I went on the first Bohunt School Big Expedition to Greenland, ended up really enjoying myself and subsequently throwing myself into hiking opportunities through college and Uni. Now, several years on and with my education finished, for now, I’ve decided to live in the woods for six months (or thereabouts, assuming nothing goes wrong) and attempt a through hike of the Appalachian Trail.”

Bohunt was delighted to discover that they had partly inspired this epic adventure and staff and students will closely follow Chris’s progress throughout this journey via his online blog:

Director of Education for Bohunt Education Trust, Phil Avery said, “I was thrilled to hear about Christopher’s latest adventure. Christopher was one of the founding members of our ‘Big Expedition’ in 2011. He has left a legacy as this year teams will travel to Mongolia, Azerbaijan the Indian Himalayas and Greenland. To discover that this is something he has chosen to continue with is very encouraging for us as a Trust. Not only do our students enjoy their outdoor learning activities whilst at Bohunt, but they take their experiences with them as inspiration and use the skills they’ve gained practically”.