Bohunt Students Welcome Windesheim Visitors

Winde 2

For the last three years, Bohunt School has had the pleasure of welcoming a group of trainee teachers from the University of Windesheim in Zwolle the Netherlands. This year was no different!

Winde 1The group arrived and were welcomed by Neil Strowger, Headteacher of Bohunt School. Following their arrival, the group attended a presentation on Bohunt’s style of teaching and the technology the school uses to assist classes and lessons, given by Associate Headteacher Nigel Wright.

Next, the group was taken on a tour of the school led by students, which included lesson observations. This gave our visitors an opportunity to witness first-hand the school’s environment and teaching.

After lunch the group were treated to an iPad Band Workshop run by teachar Ali Blair-Fish and students from year 10 and 7. The group really enjoyed the workshop and all left with smiles on their faces. Thank you Windesheim – we can’t wait to welcome you again soon!