Years 10 & 11 meet the Marines at HMS Excellent and experience a day in the life of a Royal Marine Commando

marine's day - abseiling

Students from Bohunt School in Liphook had a day at HMS Excellent at Whale Island, Portsmouth last week. The students experienced a variety of activities with the Royal Marines, many of which are those that the Marine’s include in their training.

The annual event is aimed at giving attendees from schools across the country the opportunity to closely experience what it is like to be a Royal Marines Commando, including a weapon stand where the students could handle the equipment, an indoor shoot, abseiling on a climbing wall, physical training activities and an amphibious boat ride into the harbour. The day finished with an unarmed combat display by Royal Marines Combat Recruiting Team (MCRT) and the students had a chance to watch the Marine’s practice for the upcoming Armistice Service at the Cenotaph on Sunday November 11th.  As well as a valuable insight into life in the Royal Navy, the students were able to practice their skills for upcoming activities such as their D of E.

Head of Careers, Information & Advice, Virginia Green said, ‘’Students thoroughly enjoyed meeting with the Royal Marines and threw themselves into all activities. They all tried something new and some even overcame their fear of heights with the abseiling. At the end of a challenging day, we still had 5 students who wanted to join up!  What an achievement!  Something we try to echo in our ethos across the Trust”.

Students commented, “What a great trip – I loved the boat ride!” and one brave student said “I was a bit scared of the abseiling, but I am so pleased that I pushed myself to do it – I feel really proud.”

“I had no idea how much humanitarian work the Royal Marine’s do”, said another student.

Virginia Green said, “this day really echoes our Trust’s ethos with achievement right at the top! Well done to all who took part”.

Marine's day - boat