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Rules and Regulations

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Exam Results Collection –  22 August 2019

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Information to help understand the reformed GCSE’s and the new grade system 9 to 1 –

Exam start times
The majority of exams will start at 9:00am and 13:30pm. Students should ensure that they arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of their exam.

Unable to attend an exam
The Exams Officer must be advised straight away with the reason for absence if a Student is unable to attend an exam. For absence due to illness, a Doctors letter will be required. Please check with the Exams Officer for further information. Where a Student attends an exam but is unwell, Parents/Carers/Students must inform the Exams Officer immediately after each exam. Students with infectious diseases will not be allowed to sit exams. Contact the Exams Officer for advice. The School reserves the right to charge for unexplained absences.

It is the Student’s responsibility to bring all pens, calculators, mathematical instruments etc. to an exam. Equipment will not be provided by the School. Write in black only. Do not use gel pens, highlighters or correction materials in your answers.

Invigilators will not be responsible for valuables in the exam room. If you leave valuables in a bag outside an exam room or in a cloakroom, you do so at your own risk. The School will not be liable if anything is lost or stolen. Please leave valuables at home.

Mobile phones
Students must not bring mobile phones or smart watches into the exam room. Please remember that if you are found to have a phone, iPod, smart watch or any other electrical gadget on your person during an exam you will be reported to the exam board and your paper cancelled. Exam boards do not allow appeals on mobile phone disqualifications.