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BBC News Reporters

Students from Bohunt will be making the news ‘for real’ as they take part in the BBC initiative ‘School News Report’.

Come back on Thursday, 10 March to see the reports for BBC School Report 2016 and, in the meantime, take a look at what our students produced last year.
Yr 10 Media students at Bohunt as BBC news reporters – check out their news stories; researched, filmed, edited and presented by them on the issues that matter to them.

Year 10 GCSE Media students created news reports in the style of the BBC. These were scripted, filmed and edited in school, using actual BBC graphics and audio files to create authentic news broadcasts.

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Reports from 2015

“A Poppy for the Fallen”

BohuntSchool Reporter’s photo gallery telling the story of the day in their words and photos is via this link:

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