Bohunt Wins Prestigious National Award for Commitment to Equality

EQualities award

Bohunt School is honoured to receive an EQuality Award for its outstanding and ongoing commitment to equality to students and staff.

The award is a national accreditation afforded to schools that demonstrate a real commitment to equality. Schools who wish to gain accreditation must supply significant evidence to show they are achieving and maintaining equality for all.

Bohunt School is an equal and diverse learning centre, evidenced by many examples including its Pupil Premium programme (PP). PP is a scheme of additional funding designed to close the attainment gap between students from low income and other disadvantaged families and their fellow students. Bohunt School’s aim is to make sure these students are making the right progress in key areas such as writing, reading and use of number. For students who enter the school with reading ages well below their chronical ages, the School delivers bespoke programs for them to catch up, based on regular intensive small group sessions, each session delivered by a specialist teacher.

In order to celebrate diversity, Bohunt School hosts a number of events throughout the year. Focus Week provides a wonderful opportunity for students to broaden their horizons and engage with businesses, corporations and people from all different backgrounds.

Bohunt also has a wide and diverse range of outstanding extracurricular opportunities, available to all years, including DofE, its Big Expeditions and a Chinese exchange. Bohunt aims to maximise all students’ opportunities and, in order to give equal opportunity, pupil premium children have trip costs subsidised and also any necessary kit they need to participate.

The School’s continued commitment to gender equality and equal opportunities creates an empowering environment for students to thrive. We believe this level playing field is key to the success of our students during their time with us. Bohunt School is proud of its open-minded attitude towards staffing and recruitment, as we firmly believe no-one should hold back from reaching the goals they set out to achieve.

Neil Strowger, Headteacher at Bohunt School said,

“We are very proud of this achievement. Bohunt is a school where children are taught to respect difference and be kind to each other. We have an inclusive environment of teaching and learning that allows every student to thrive, and we do a huge amount of work to that equal opportunity is at the forefront of what we do at all times.”

Natalie Moffatt, Assistant Head at Bohunt School said,

“We are delighted that our continued commitment to equality at Bohunt School has been recognised at this national level. We are proud of the many opportunities the students create for themselves to promote equality, such as working on equality projects and speaking to their peers about a particular aspect of equality they feel passionately about. This award is a fantastic achievement and we look forward to continuing to provide a platform for all students to learn from one another in this way.”